SU376B OBD GPS tracker is the most advanced & cost-effective solution for vehicle security, real-time tracking & fleet management. It has the following unique functions:

  • Support 2.4G RFID function
  • Support wireless immobilizer
  • It is integration with GPS tracker +OBD+BT+wireless relay+FOB
  • Plug & play design with OBD connector, easy installation
  • Smart engine ON/OFF status detection


Size 65*50*27mm(length*wideness*height)
Voltage 9V-30V DC
Max working current 70mA@12V
Working current in sleep mode 10mA@12V
Working temperature -30℃~+70℃
Stock temperature -40℃~+85℃
3G frequency 800/850/900/1900/2100MHz@UMTS
GSM antenna Built-in

3G receiver Specifications

3G module QUECTEL UG96 Receive sensitivity <-107dBm
GPS module UBLOX G7020 Cold start time Less 60s
BT module BK3431Q 2400-2480MHZ Bluetooth LE 4.2
RF module BK2535 2400-2527MHZ 2.4 GHz GFSK


  • OTA by FTP
  • Reading voltage, and send lower power voltage alarm
  • Get Ignition on/off status with or without OBD data
  • Set Arm & disarm
  • GPRS command can send to APP by BT
  • Each device has Unique BT name
  • Enable & disable Power saving mode
  • Wake up the device when into sleep mode, and send GPRS location Device send the last location before into sleep mode
  • Use FOB to arm & disarm device, and can also set transparent mode
  • Enable & disable Vehicle by Wireless relay
  • Read and set IMEI no.
  • Set upload time when ignition on/off
  • Clear log data
  • Enable/Disable GPRS
  • Enable & disable OBD
  • Enable & disable Angle point data
  • Switch Relay &siren function with SMS command
  • When in siren mode, if device has vibration alarm, siren will ring 30s, then stop
  • Keep press button 30s to power off device
  • Press button 10-12 times for emergency start
  • Vibration alarm, Over speed alarm, main power disconnect alarm, lower voltage alarm etc
  • Can set over speed value, and has over speed start& over speed stop alarm
  • .Enable and disable via set time and date-they missed to do this function, but i think it is better to do it on our server
  • Enable and disable via BT- we do have this function
  • Device level Geo fence- As agreed before, we will do it in stage two
  • Reading of error code
  • Clear error code
  • OBD calibration
  • Set Vibration sensor
  • Switch FOB key working mode, Horn, arm& disarm, transparent
  • Pair wireless relay

IoT, M2M, SIM, OBDII, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPWM, ISO 9141-2, CAN, Keyword 2000, and J170S, OBD-II systems monitor the vehicle's electrical, mechanical, and emissions systems and generate data that are processed by a vehicle's engine control unit (ECU) to detect malfunctions or deterioration in the vehicle's performance. The data typically include parameters such as vehicle speed (VSS), engine speed (RPM), engine load (LOAD), and mass air flow (MAF).