Sekurus International SekurTrack® Transportation solutions provide the means for dispatchers to accurately know where their vehicles are at any time, the ability to monitor routes from start to finish and the opportunity to correct obstacles to productivity and efficiency.

The solutions brings together every piece of critical fleet data, delivering it to back office staff, and enabling better informed decisions and collaboration with the fleet-based workforce increasing business process and efficiency.


The SekurTrack® Transportation solutions provide a wide range of fleet management solutions including:

  • automatic vehicle location
  • mapping
  • reporting
  • vehicle maintenance
  • driver status
  • in-vehicle telemetry
  • messaging
  • in-vehicle navigation
  • wireless application

Offered in real-time, high availability option connectivity, SekurTrack® Transportation solutions deliver the functionality you need to address your business’ specific needs.

High Availability :

Vehicle location information is transmitted from the vehicle to the SekurTrack® Servers every five minutes (by default), however, this rate can be configured to meet customer requirements. Additionally, location information can be transmitted to the servers using turn-based reporting and Geo-fencing technologies.


Providing a wide range of solutions, Sekurus International SekurTrack® Transportation Solutions address several of the industries most recognized needs.

Driver Logs :

Satisfying Labor Laws Hours of Service (HOS) regulations, the SekurTrack® Fleet offers a range of services designed to address the many needs of the transportation market. Automated driver information pertaining to the length of time a driver is behind the wheel, such as shift starts and stops, when breaks occur and the length of time between shifts is automatically generated, reducing margin of error, and maximizing driver efficiency.

Interface :

Integrate with your truck’s on-board diagnostic computer through Sekurus International SekurTrack® CAN and gathers a wide range of critical information.

Monitor your fuel efficiency or determine vehicle faults before they become issues. By understanding your vehicle’s efficiencies and proactively scheduling vehicle maintenance once faults are reported, you minimize waste and downtime.

Trailer Tracking

Knowing the location and status of your equipment and being able to use that data to benefit your business is critical to maximizing operating efficiencies is a comprehensive approach to retrieving a range of business information pertaining to a specific asset and utilizing data to suit an organization’s needs.

Organizations can gather standard location data to help ensure assets do not remain idle for long periods as well as telematics event data such as when doors are opened, and for how long they remain open – key for security issues. Companies benefit from reduced detention times, the ability to quickly identify problems and implement changes for improving utilization, to being able to predict where bottlenecks may arise and proactively address issues before they occur.

In addition, the Sekurus International SekurTrack® Transportation solutions also provide the following functionality :

  • mapping
  • Command Center/Activity Reports
  • Messaging and Paperless Reporting
  • Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Landmark Reporting
  • Schedule Adherence
  • Back-end Integration


Practical, Achievable and Tangible Benefits :

  • Automatically produce accurate time-on-site reports
  • Increase the number of jobs completed each day
  • Reduce time spent on administering vehicle maintenance
  • Improve vehicle safety and security
  • Optimize driver schedules
  • Increase your competitiveness
  • Significant cost savings (labor, fuel, insurance etc.)
  • Automated records for tax, expense claims and business mileage

Transportation organizations can make use of SekurTrack® Transportation Solutions functionality in a myriad of ways including the following:

  • Maximizing Driver Time through Landmark reporting to analyze the duration of travel routes at different times throughout the day – better utilizing assets, knowing the best time of day to schedule a route and understanding the exact number of vehicles required for each day’s manifests.
  • Minimize waste by monitoring trailer temperatures for consistent delivery of frozen food items.
  • Performance through monitoring vehicle routes from start to finish and plotting performance against pre-determined company plans.
  • Efficiency through minimizing manual paperwork
  • Cost Savings through accurate calculations of off road mileage for fuel tax credits.
  • Increase your competitiveness
  • Security through constant communication with your drivers (as well as in-cab driver authorization)
  • Save Time and Money through Automation of Driver Log Processing and Hours of Service (HOS) compliance.

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